Bucharest Băneasa – Aurel Vlaicu International Airport

20 March 2014


List of goods that have to be declared when leaving the country

According to the implementation of the Customs Code of Romania GD 626/1997)

Amounts of money in lei greater than 1000 EURO;
Amount of foreign currency greater than 10.000 EURO;
Weapons, munition, explosive, radioactive or nuclear materials;
Narcotics (drugs), essential chemical substances and toxic ones;;
Objects made of precious metals that are not for personal use;
Amounts of alcoholic drinks greater than 2 liters;
Amounts of cigarettes greater than 200 pieces;
Any good costing more than 100 EURO (mobile phones, video cameras, etc.) for Romanian passengers to be exempt from taxes when reentering the country.

Baneasa Border Customs Office
Tel / Fax: +4 021 230 1185
e-mail: vamabaneasaaeroport@customs.ro